Organizing with Pinterest

Are you getting ready for spring? Need some help spring cleaning? Here at Cedar Park Storage we want to get your house looking good. Organizing with Pinterest can make the process fun. There are ideas for home renovation, creative uses of space, and different ways to organize. Follow the links bellow to kick out the clutter for spring.

Organizing with Pinterest

Planning is Key:

Before you jump right in to tearing apart the house, come up with a plan to follow. There are many different schedules, daily, monthly, and yearly. Whichever one you choose, just make sure to follow the instructions. If you are new to Pinterest, be specific when you are searching for ideas. There is a lot of information on there and it can become overwhelming.

House Clean Out:

Once you have a plan, jump right in. Do one room at a time, and work your way through your house. Remember to go green when you are cleaning. Not everything is garbage; most items can be reused. So, search for reuse and recycle ideas to get creative with your discarded items.  Keep your bedroom and guest bedroom a cozy oasis with fun storage. There are DIY projects to help you make the most of any space. Make your bathroom and kitchen guest ready at all times. Simple daily cleaning tasks will keep your space ready for company and give you peace of mind.

Life Organization 101:

After looking on Pinterest for an extended period of time, you may have accumulated more ideas then you know what to do with. Make sure you keep your Pinterest boards coordinated for each project. Don’t spend too much time looking up ideas, you wouldn’t want to waste your valuable time surfing the internet. Pinterest also has helpful budgeting plans and challenges to make your finances less stressful.


Cedar Park Storage wants you to enjoy your time at the family cookouts, and not be worrying about how your house looks. We are happy to help you get organizing with Pinterest and show you all the tips we use to make the most of your space. Stop in today to talk with the storage professionals.

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