Packing Supplies

Is packing becoming more of a stressful time then productive? Don’t let the tower of boxes come crashing down on you; Cedar Park Storage can take the stress away. This month’s blog is all about packing supplies made simple. What you need to get, how much you should have, and how to protect your belongings in storage can all be answered here!

Packing Supplies

  • Don’t forget the basics. Many DIY movers forget markers, labels and rope. If you stay organized while you pack, and unpacking will be a breeze.
  • Protect your belongings with bubble wrap, kraft paper, or newsprint, they act as cushions for your valuables while you move.
  • Extra boxes and tape are always great to have on hand. You wouldn’t want to run out right before you finish.
  • A mattress cover and drop cloth should be at the top of your shopping list. Our mattress covers allow your larger items to breathe, therefore cutting back on the possibilities of mold.
  • While packing remember not to over pack any of your boxes. Smaller/medium boxes can handle the heavier items, while the large ones hold your bulky objects.
  • Consider buying a dish protection kit and dish/glass partition.
  • Once everything is packed you will need to secure your belongings. A disk lock is the highest quality lock for self storage.
  • Moving kits take the guess work out of supplies. Talk with your property manager about the specifics at your site.
  • Most moving kits consist of 5 small boxes, 4 medium boxes, 2 large, 1 tall specialty box, as well as 2 rolls of clear tape, 2 rolls of bubble pack and one marker.

Whether your needs are for shipping or moving the packing supplies at Cedar Park Storage will get you moving in the right direction. We can help you answer all your storage questions. Stop in to see our safe space and pick up the tools you need.

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