Why Organization Matters

Looking to refresh your space? Organization is a breeze with our simple room-by-room tips. Cedar Park Storage knows how important organization is to keep family on track through out the week. When you’re struggling to find your keys, or the perfect spice to complete dinner, you understand why organization equals success.


Living Room:

  • Keeping the top of your coffee table clutter free helps make the room look organized.
  • After flipping through magazines take them directly to the recycling bin. No reason to keep old magazines around to clutter your living room.
  • Tidy up as you move. If you’re passing from room-to-room pick up articles as you go. Don’t leave toys laying around if you are passing the toy chest on your way out of the family room.
  • A coat rack, key bin and mail organizer will keep clutter to a minimum as soon as you walk in the door.


  • If you need a little extra space in your linen closet, add flat storage bins under the bed to store your bed sheets.
  • Your clothes can take over your room very fast. Make edits to your wardrobe and keep clutter out of your bedroom.
  • Pick an organization plan to follow when hanging your clothes. Hang by color, style or by occasion, whichever system you choose stick to it.
  • The nightstand is an easy spot to dump the contents of your pockets at the end of the day. Instead of letting your nightstand overflow, only place items you need for bed on your stand.

Garage / Mudroom:

  • Designate a specific spot in your garage as the mudroom. Adding a coat rack, shoe shelf, and bench make an instant mudroom.
  • Suspending shelves are useful to store decorations and seasonal items.
  • Add a couple magnets to your tool area to hold screws, and metal tools.
  • Customize your garage with track system shelving.


  • The kitchen is a popular area of the house. So, consider making a family command center for notes, menus and schedules for everyone to view.
  • Utilize the small space next to the fridge with a thin roll out shelf for extra food storage.
  • Prepping for dinner will be a breeze if you keep your pantry organized by food groups.
  • Rotate the food in your cabinets so expired food gets used rather then thrown out.

When tackling any organization project remember your Cedar Park Storage family has the tricks to keep your space efficient.

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